Studio and 1BHK Apartments in Goa- Palolem Hills

These days people are either looking for 1 BHK apartments in Goa or they are looking for studio apartments in Goa. There are many reasons for this:

  • Goa has steadily become the number 1 holiday destination not only for Indians but for foreigners as well
  • The cost of hotel accommodation has gone up considerably
  • People are looking for alternative accommodation options
  • People are also looking to rent out these 1 BHK and studio apartments

Nowadays with Airbnb, people are looking to buy 1BHK apartments in Goa or studio apartments in Goa more so to rent it out to travelers.

This is actually a very lucrative option for resident Goans to consider. These days’ holiday goers look for homestays more than they look for hotels to experience an authentic holiday. But studio and 1 BHK apartments are not just a rage in Goa for Airbnb, even people who live in nearby cities like Mumbai or Pune are looking to buy studio or 1 BHK apartments in Goa. This is because Goa is a weekend destination for them, that place where they can whiz off to if they receive a weekend off.

So you may have your reasons to want to buy a studio apartment or a 1BHK apartment in Goa.

  • You can be a resident Goan and you may want to purchase an apartment to move into it
  • You can be a resident Goan and you may want to purchase an apartment to put it out on rent o Airbnb
  • You can be living in nearby cities and you may be looking to purchase a holiday home in Goa
  • You may be looking to shift to Goa permanently

Whatever your reason may be, we have a project for you to consider in South Goa that may just be ideal for you. Palolem Hills by Eclectic Developers is situated just 600 meters from the Palolem Beach and boasts of scenic and lush views of the green valley just outside the project’s perimeter. So if you are truly interested in purchasing a studio or 1 BHK apartment in South Goa, you can visit their Facebook page to glean more information and see how others have reviewed the project. You can even visit their website, to get a clearer idea of what the apartments in Goa are shaping up to be like. We hope this blog was helpful to you.


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