Best 2BHK apartments in Goa- Palolem Hills

People have always looked towards Goa as a popular holiday destination, and by this we mean people from India as well as people from outside India. Goa has been attracting tourists from a very long time. However, the trend of looking for best apartments in Goa or 2BHK apartments in Goa has recently started. So why are people suddenly looking for the best apartments in Goa? Well the reason is fairly obvious. People want budget accommodation when they visit Goa. However, the good hotels out there are no longer what we can call affordable.

Realizing this, a lot of the local people and developers with projects in Goa have starting renting out their apartments. But considering you are not looking at an apartment for rental only, considering you have something a little more permanent in mind, like a holiday home for whenever you visit, we have solutions for that too.  First of all you need to make up your mind regarding which part of Goa you want a 2BHK apartment in. If you want our opinion, we will pick South Goa over North Goa any given day.

This is because North Goa has become over populated and over polluted. South Goa on the other hand is less congested and weather wise also, this part of Goa is less humid compared to North Goa. So if you decide on South Goa then there is an excellent property that we can recommend to you. Recently Ecclectic Developers has come up with a project called Palolem Hills near Palolem Beach! Palelem Beach, by the way, is mentioned in any Goa guide book as the place in Goa that you absolutely must see. Now imagine owning an apartment there! Palolem Hills is only 7 minutes walking distance from the beach.

The property offers studio, 1BHK and 2BHK apartments facing the lush green valleys surrounding Palolem Beach. The apartments are spacious, well designed and are serviced. So every time you decide to visit your holiday home, you do not have to go through the hassle of looking for a maid. You can sit in your verandah, have a sip of a cool drink and enjoy your holiday. The developers also offer rental management services. So when you are not there, your apartment can be rented out to other holiday-goers and this way your apartment will actually earn for you too and will not be useless while you are not there.


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